error_lake w/ Jardines on threads* november 2020


Songs and club experiments from around the globe. Guest mix entitled ‘Mientras Miran’ from CDMX-based songwriter and producer Jardines.

Canciones y experimentos del club de alrededor del mundo. Incluido una mezcla invitada de Jardines, compositor y productor de CDMX, se llama ‘Mientras Miran’.


Insta: @jardinessss

Twitter: @jardinessss


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Compassion as Commodity – Burning Pyre [Opal Tapes]

*** Jardines Guest Mix

Followlight – researcher [Independent]

War Ready – Vince Staples (Arca.der Flip) [4e2studios]

Náufragos – Alejandro Bernal [OTOÑO]

Paplu (Love That Moves The Sun) – Vessel [TriAngle]

I’m Not Always Where My Body Is – Aisha Devi [Houndstooth]

Exhale Azala – CNDSD [SUBREAL]

Beautiful Zenith // Correspondance – GND Corp. [GND Corp.]

Silverdrivel – Patricia Taxxon [Independent]

Water Karoke v3 – GOAL [Independent]

Laptop/Love (California Cut Off Heads Demo) – researcher [Independent]


no libido – Magdalena’s Apathy [Magdalena’s Apathy]

Bass the POLICE – Sucré Saleté [Sucré Saleté]

Deluded (feat. MIST) – Tion Wayne [Atlantic Records UK]

Flota – Funeral [Kebrada]

Foreign Blocks – Bucky [Bucky]

6:15 – Jawnino, PK Brako and Jpntn [Jawnino]

Appointment Scheduling – Glass [OOH-sounds]

3ankaboot – ZULI [Sneaker Social Club]

Having to Come Back Down – Terribilis [Edited Arts]

DOLO 170 R3MIX – 140.85 X JAGS [T.A.U.]

Amethblowl – John Frusciante [Planet Mu]

Many Seas, Many Rivers feat. Sampha – Actress [Ninja Tune]